Feel great and stay alert all day long
Bounce into your day
with energy and vitality!
Are you fed up feeling fatigued and tired? It could be an imbalance in your energy fields.  

The key is to find out how energy influences your environment.  The Energy Tool Revealed is a guide and video that helps you discover this amazing world of energy. 

  • Protect yourself from harmful effects of certain energy.
  • Locate items around the house simple and easy.
  • Boost your ability to read energy.
  • Reduce confusion with step by step instructions to make the energy tool.
  • Enhance clarity on the steps to get the best results from your tool.
Enter into the world of energy testing.  The Energy Tool Revealed is the first step in mastering energy in your environment, then your body.
The Energy Tool Revealed
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The Energy Tool Revealed
Enter into the world of Energy testing. This video and guide will give you: 1. Step by step directions to make an energy testing tool, simple and easy. 2. Gain clarity on the guidelines required to get the best results from the energy tool. 3. Methods to use the energy tool effectively. 4. Locate missing items at home or at work using the energy tool. 5. Realise this method can be used to achieve health.
Get ready to bounce into life with energy and vitality.
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